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18 March 2006 @ 10:41 pm

Ok so I had an awesome experience, filled with many bad ones too LOL. This includes my WHOLE trip to Austin.


Just to let everyone know…I have the right to express my opinion, as everyone else does. But please don’t ridicule me for my opinions, and what I think. Since this is my live journal, I can say whatever I want, and if you can’t stand the fact that I’m going to say that Pam is a SWEET person, then you might want to ex this page out.

Ok so my mom got home from Seattle (she was visiting my oldest sister there for her spring break). I haven’t been doing anything with my Mom lately, and I’ve been kind of upset about it. She’s always so busy or with her boyfriend. And my life lately hasn’t been the best, it’s been quite hectic actually. That’s why I haven’t been writing in my live journal because I just don’t have the time to with everything that’s been going on in my life. So right when she got home from the airport I told her about going to Austin. She already knew for months that I was going to SXSW…I even went last year and met Elijah and Dom. But that’s when I went to the University of Texas and I lived in Austin…so it was a lot easier lol. So I had to deal with some crap between my mom and my twin sister, but after that was over we started getting ready to go to Austin. I wanted to go with my Mom just to spend time with her because I love her so much, and I miss her. She, like myself, really enjoys music. So I thought it would be cool for her to see what it’s like to be at SXSW. Now if you’re not used to Austin…you might be quite shocked. There are some CRAZY people there…I mean seriously guys….REALLY CRAZY….WEIRD…ECCENTRIC…you name it, Austin’s got it! But that’s what I love about this city, it’s so very awesome. The majority of people there embrace the quality of being different, they accept it…they love it! No matter who you are, what you do, what you look like, etc. you won’t feel out of place in Austin. There’s some of everyone here. And you’ll pretty much share at least one thing with everybody…the love for music!

I love Gogol Bordello! I just think they are so fucking awesome…they’re absolutely amazing! I have their CD, and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see them live. I’ve read reviews and seen pics from their shows…which only increased my need to see them live. So of course a long time ago when I found out they were gonna be at SXSW I HAD to go! The only thing is…to get into the show, I had to either have a badge or a wristband. Since I just went to ORC in January, and spent several thousand dollars there, I really couldn’t afford another couple hundred dollars on that. Sometimes you can wait in a line before the show (or movie..because SXSW is not only a music festival, but also a film festival as well) and get a ticket just for that one show. That’s how I got into the movie and met Dominic Monaghan last year. I waited in line for several hours in hopes that the movie ‘Shooting Livien’ would not sell out. Well it didn’t so all I had to pay was like $7 for a ticket and I got to see it!

Back to this year. It takes a little more than 2 and a half hours to drive to Austin from where I live now. Plus, we had to find a hotel before to drop off our bags and stuff before we went downtown. I know that the hotels around Austin sell out pretty much EVERYWHERE during SXSW…but I NEVER EVER expected it to be this bad. Gogol Bordello was coming on stage at 12:45 AM…so I wanted time before that to see if I could get a ticket. Well since my sister takes ABSOLUTELY FOREVER to get ready…we were already running pretty late.

My mom and sister can irritate the hell out of me. My sister did NOT like Gogol Bordello too much before this day. Everytime I play their music when I’m online, or in my room, or in the car…she tells me to turn it off, and says she can’t stand it. Basically, she hates the music. (Just a side note…she is in the shower as I am typing this…and is singing ‘Start Wearing Purple’…I knew I converted her…HAHA!!!) She even used to tell me to turn off that ‘trash music’ when I played their CD. We may be identical twins, but we are so very different at times. I LOVE GOGOL BORDELLO…AND THAT’S THAT! My Mom is of course nicer about it, but every time I play their music she would tell me to turn it down because it was so loud. I told them that maybe they didn’t like Gogol Bordello because it’s different than what they’re used to listening to. I wanted them to accept new music, and appreciate them. So I started playing the CD in the car on the way to Austin, but my Mom and my sister made me turn it off after 3 songs! L

My sister wasn’t even going to SXSW to see Gogol Bordello. She had some friends to see the next day performing at SXSW. So while my mom and I were seeing Gogol Bordello, she would be doing her own thing with her friend Amanda.

So we got around Austin, and looked for a hotel. BIG FREAKIN MISTAKE. There was NOT a single hotel vacant. There are hundreds upon hundreds of hotels everywhere…but not one had even a single room available. This was getting very frustrating because we were driving up north past Austin to Round Rock trying to find one. We drove around 40 miles north so we just decided to turn back around and go to downtown Austin. We would look for a hotel after the show. We stopped at a gas station so I could change into my outfit, and pull my hair back because it was raining outside. Like it could get any worse…OH BUT IT DOES! Finally after getting there we parked and walked down Red River and 6th Street to get to Emo’s. There were thousands of people everywhere, most of them intoxicated HAHA. For a long time we were just walking around the front area, just talking and stuff. We realized that there were several different entrances, so I was confused and had no idea where to stand. After a while we walked around the side and saw a line. I got in it because it was the line that was selling tickets. We stayed in that line for WAYYYY over an hour, and I saw MANY, MANY people sneak into the side entrance. It was funny because a lot of them got caught by security and had to walk right back out. We were getting close to being able to buy tickets. Another annoying thing is that my mom and I had to stand in line for my sister, while she got to walk off and talk on her phone. It was pissing me off because she just expected us to hold a spot for her. I think she wasn’t in the line partly because she didn’t care and really didn’t want to be there in the first place. There were probably no more than 10 people in front of us when they announced that NO MORE tickets were being sold. I was really upset!!! I wanted to get in so bad, but realized it wasn’t going to happen. So I was like…well maybe I can hear them performing from out here. AND ONCE AGAIN…IT GETS WORSE!!! I was just going to stand outside there hoping I could hear them. So we walked around the back and saw some other bands performing. I thought to myself…I should probably look at the list and see when Gogol Bordello is going to perform. I noticed that each list didn’t have them on it. I was like….UM…WHAT?! How could they not be performing there. Specifically on the SXSW website it said they would be performing on Thursday at 12:45 AM at Emo’s. I got there Wednesday night…and it was past midnight so it was Thursday morning. WELL GUESS WHAT?! On the website they meant get there Thursday night…and they would be performing at 12:45 AM on Friday morning!!! But the website did NOT say Friday..it said Thursday 12:45 AM. That’s what time it was…but they weren’t there. It actually meant Friday at 12:45 AM so I was a day early. I couldn’t believe it…I was so upset HAHA. I mean it really wasn’t funny at all at the time, but I’m laughing about it now. So we pretty much left after that. We walked around a bit, and then left.

Now on to our search for a freakin hotel. Never in my life did I expect it to turn out this way. We decided to start driving south in search for a hotel because we already tried up north. We were driving for HOURS…couldn’t find a single one open. I was seriously starting to panic. We hadn’t had any food or drink…and it was in the middle of the night and we all needed sleep BAD!!! One hotel we asked how far they thought it would be until one would have available rooms. They told us we would have to drive through and out of San Antonio to find one. That was another 60 miles!!! Oh but they were wrong…so VERY WRONG! We kept driving along getting delirious. It was getting so ridiculous that my mom said if we hit the next city and can’t find one…that we’d have to turn around and drive ALLLLLLLLLL the way back home and forget about everything. I seriously was upset. I was praying to God that the next hotel we stopped at would at least one room available. So we stopped at it…and WE FINALLY GOT A ROOM! And guess what?! That was the last one they had available!!! They even put a No Vacancy sign up after we got our room. And get this…we had to drive 110 miles SOUTH OF AUSTIN before we got this room…there are thousands of hotels between that space..and NOT A SINGLE ONE WAS OPEN!!!!! It was 4 AM by that time, and we were all so tired. The hotel was nice too, so I was thankful. We got in there and got ready right away for bed. I was so out of it and delirious that I couldn’t stop laughing for absolutely NO REASON. It was pitch black and my mom was walking back to the bed and ran her foot into the table and screamed so loud. IT WAS SO hilarious that my sister and I couldn’t stop laughing…it was probably 20 minutes that we couldn’t stop laughing about it. Then we started saying random things and laughing more. This is what we do when we’re EXTREMELY delirious and over-tired.

We had to wake up early because we had to drive the 110 miles back just to Austin so Laura could see her friends performing at SXSW. My mom and I had NO IDEA what we were going to do all that day while waiting for her. I didn’t fall asleep till after 5:30 AM, and we had to wake up 9:30 AM. I was soooooo tired when I woke up I didn’t want to get up. But we all managed to get ready and got out of the hotel at 11:20 AM. I was feeling really sick and tired because of the lack of sleep and no nutrition. We stopped at a Subway on the way back to Austin and ate. My sub was disgustingL . And ONCE AGAIN it started raining when we were walking back to our car. Once we finally got to Austin, we dropped Laura off on 6th Street and Congress where Amanda was waiting for her and they went to the Hideout to see their friends perform. Our next task was to find somewhere to park. It wasn’t really that hard to find parking the night before..but since it was the afternoon now it was completely opposite! After over 30 minutes of looking for a parking spot we found one in a parking garage…there were 9 levels…and we found the last parking spot on the roof of the parking garage!!! We got out and just decided to walk around downtown Austin and I could show my mom around. After all that we’d been through, all I wanted was to have a good time. So what in the HELL DID WE DO?!! We walked all up and down 6th street for hours and hours and hours. We were waiting for my sister Laura to be done with seeing her friends perform. We walked by Emo’s just to look at the list and I saw Gogol Bordello on there…at 1 AM. I was so pissed/angry/upset/depressed that I would be missing them…I seriously wanted to cry. This whole mini-trip was turning into a nightmare!!

And then something GREAT happened! I was hoping that I would see Elijah walking down 6th street…or just anyone famous. Something to excite my day…since it was horrible. If you know me personally…you would know HOW MUCH of a HUUUUUUUGGGEEEEEE fan of the boy band O-Town I was/am!!! They aren’t a band anymore, but that DOES NOT matter to me!!!! In my teenage years it was pretty sad because I was plain out obsessed with them. I had met them before, and even cried when I met them HAHAHA LMAO! Pathetic I know, but I REALLY loved them! My favorite was Trevor, I love him so much. Pretty much every time I met them..one of the members, Jacob, was always a complete FUCKING ASSHOLE to not only me, but all the fans that he met! I know he can be nice too, but I usually NEVER EVER had a positive experience with him. Quite frankly I was fucking scared of the guy. I still loved him though! I believe he was that way because he truly was unhappy of being in that boy band. He wasn’t happy with being in O-Town..he didn’t like the music they sang or anything. So I think that’s a big reason he wasn’t too friendly to the fans. But I knew that probably wasn’t his personality. So anyway I was walking and saw Jacob Underwood!!!! After all these years have passed he’s in a band called Jacob’s Loc…of course COMPLETELY opposite from O-Town! My heart started beating extremely fast and I was like OMFG MOM THAT’S JACOB!! And she was like…oh my gosh it is. I wanted SO BADLY to go up to him and say hi…or get his autograph..or just about anything! I was so excited but so scared because of all the experiences in the past. He was packing up his equipment with his wife Janie and some other people, so I didn’t want to bother him. But I also knew if I didn’t say hi to him I would regret it!! After all that had happened, I knew I had to at least get his autograph. There was NO WAY I was going to ask him for a picture LOL. So after they were done packing up they all got into the RV and I thought I’d lost my chance. Instead of walking in there too, Jacob closed the door and locked it, and was just standing there. Here was my chance….I would either take it or leave it. I just walked up there, my heart beating like crazy. He was turned the opposite way, so I said, “Hey Jacob!” to which he turned around with a big smile and said “heyyy!!” So I forced myself to say, “I’m such a big fan of yours, would you mind signing this for me please?” And he said, “Sure of course! What’s your name?” so I said, “Sarah, with an ‘h’” (just so he would spell it correctly hehe). And he paused for a second and smiled, and started signing. I didn’t want to be just silent while he was signing my autograph so I said, “I didn’t know you guys were performing here!!!….(and then I thought to myself…well what if they didn’t perform and he was just here?!…even though I knew that couldn’t be possible haha) so I said, “Did yall just play” and he looked all sad and said, “Yah, we did, we just got off stage.” So I was like, “awww” So then after he was done signing my autograph I said, “Thank you so much!” and he smiled at me with the cutest smile and said, “You’re welcome..no problem!” and he almost forgot to give me my sharpie back LOL! I just walked off with the biggest grin on my face and continued walking down 6th street with my mom. I was soooooooo happy that I saw him, and so HAPPY he was so sweet to me! My day just got a WHOLE LOT BRIGHTER….J

I was hoping that he knew that I knew he was there for his band Jacob’s Loc. He even wrote out www.jacobsloc.com on my autograph which I thought was cute!

We continued walking around for a while waiting for my sister and I saw my neighbor who recently moved to Houston walking on 6th Street and Congress. I was going to say hi to him but he was crossing the street. It was around 3:45 PM then. When I showed my sister the autograph she threw it back in my face and said…“That’s not fair….UGH!!!” It was very mean to say in the least and made me sad. But then she said, “That’s really cool” so I guess she was happy for me. But I think she was pissed because she wanted to meet him to because she was also an O-Town fan back in the day! So we watched her friend Taylor Davis sing several songs, which was awesome! After that we walked back outside and sat down by a bench for a while. We were so tired and my feet were so tired from walking around all day long. This is the point where I was going to tell my mom that I HAD to stay and see Gogol Bordello perform. After Laura was done seeing her bands, my mom said we had to drive back home because it would be getting late. I was severely depressed about the situation because the WHOLE FREAKIN REASON I came to SXSW was to at least TRY to see/hear Gogol Bordello perform!!! Plus I knew that Elijah was going to be there…so it would be so freakin awesome to see him again. My sister was so rude to me that day…about the autograph…and then when we stayed and watched her friend perform. She kept telling us to leave and she just didn’t want me to be around her. I don’t understand why she’s so fucking rude like that..but it happens all the time. We made plans to eat dinner at Schlotsky’s Deli with her and Amanda. We met up and then my sis Laura said they’d be right back and walked off somewhere. We were waiting for a long time in there. We tried to call her back to see where in the hell they ran off to, but she didn’t pick up the freakin phone. So my mom and I ordered vegetarian pizza and ate it. My mom called Laura back and said that she wanted to go home now, so she needed to come back so we could all leave. I was sitting in that place…trying MY BEST to not scream my fucking head off. This trip (besides seeing/meeting Jacob) was a piece of shit. Everything went wrong. Laura was having the time of her life…and we were waiting all day long for her so we could go home. I just basically told my mom that I would be staying here in Austin to see Gogol Bordello, whether or not she stayed too. I told her that I didn’t care if I was stranded here and had no way of getting home, that wouldn’t stop me. We had been through so much already, and all I wanted was to see them and Elijah!!! It was 6 PM…and they didn’t get on till 1 AM….so that would be another 7 fucking hours of waiting and doing nothing. I begged her and was seriously almost in tears. Nothing would work.

We were in a café and I just explained to her how much it would mean to me, how it’s not a big deal to wait that much longer since we’re already here and this is why I wanted to be in Austin in the first place. It would have been RIDICULOUS now to go home after all this. So around 7 PM she FINALLY agreed to stay. I was so happy…you guys have no FUCKING IDEA! Besides meeting Ashlee Simpson (I loveeeeeee her..she’s so sweet!) on Monday when I was in Austin earlier that week…my spring break TOTALLY SUCKED. I had been planning for a couple months to see Gogol Bordello, so there was NO WAY I was going to leave. We walked back to our car so my mom could sleep for a while. On the roof of that garage I started taking pictures of the city. All the lights were so pretty.

I’m going to cut to the whole point of this ridiculously long review now HAHA. My sister decided that she would go home with Amanda that night because they had other plans and she wasn’t going to see Elijah and Gogol Bordello. I told her that she would be missing out. So my mom and I walked back over to Emo’s and asked about the ticket situation. THERE WERE NO TICKETS even being sold this night…so I was quite sad about that! But I didn’t care because even if I could hear them perform from standing outside, I would be satisfied! My mom called my sister on her cell and found out that they were just leaving Austin to go back home. BUT…she made her friend go back downtown because she suddenly changed her mind and wanted to be with us. So she got here and we just waited out there for Gogol Bordello to get on stage. I was getting really bored so we decided to walk up the street to the front of Emo’s. When we did I saw Eugene (from Gogol Bordello) and I was like, “OMG there he is!!!” I was so freakin excited! And my mom and Laura were like, “who..Elijah?!” and I go, “NO….EUGENE!!!” And they were like, “Who’s that?!” and I said, “Are you kidding me?!” He was walking really fast like he was in a hurry and looking for someone because he kept looking at all the people. We walked back down the street to see who he was looking for. I was REALLY hoping it would be Elijah..but I didn’t think it would be. I wanted to say hi to him but I also didn’t want to bother him and I was WAY TOO scared. So he walked off somewhere LOL. There were people everywhere…and it was PRETTY OBVIOUS of the people that were there ONLY for Elijah HAHAHAHA. I saw some people I met last year at SXSW so that was cool.

So I was just standing in the street talking…and I turn my head and I see ELIJAH FREAKIN WOOD walking down the street with his girlfriend Pam! I think Laura saw him at the exact same time as me. I immediately turned my head away…I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. I told my mom and she saw him too. I looked back at him…and let me just explain to you guys what I thought he looked like:

There are probably NO WORDS to describe how happy he looked holding Pam’s hand walking down the street. There was just a glow of happiness surrounding him. It seriously looked as though his eyes were sparkling, they were so lit up. It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I can still see his face in my mind, it’s like he didn’t have a care in the world except for her…like nothing would upset him because she was standing by his side. It made my heart melt…just to see him so happy with that beautiful smile of his. Immediately people started taking pictures of him. There weren’t that many people doing it, but the ones who were…definitely…WERE lol. He walked right past me still holding Pam’s hand and walked over to the truck that was passing out mineral water or whatever the heck it was. He started hugging and talking to people…which I’m sure were good friends of his! I just didn’t want to whip out my camera and be stalkerish and take pictures of him. I wanted him to have his own space and I didn’t want him to be bothered. Just seeing him having a good time was awesome enough for me. I have loved Elijah since I was about 6. I saw Radio Flyer…and fell in LOVE with him! I’m 20 now…so it’s been a LONGGG time lol. I’ve always admired him and what he’s done, so for me it was just so cool to see the person that I admire so much in the flesh. I’ve met Elijah before, and gotten a hug and all that, but every time I do I can’t stop smiling. It’s just something about him, I really don’t know how to explain it. After all that I had been through that day…you have NO IDEA how happy I was. I’m not a person to go up to a celebrity and talk to them or ask them for pictures or autographs like that. First of all, he really deserved his space, but I know it’s only natural for there to be fans and people taking pictures of him. I just didn’t want to be that person. After a little bit he walked inside Emo’s with Pam, and he walked right by me and brushed against my side!!! J Every time that I have met him it NEVER ceases to amaze me of how beautiful that man is. His skin is so beautiful, his eyes are so GORGEOUS…and to see them about 6 inches away from your face is amazing. He’s so tiny (not in a bad way)…it’s so cute! Like you just get the feeling you would want to hug the man and not let go HAHA! So as he walked toward the band entrance some people looked at him funny. I think some people were realizing that it was Elijah. It was really funny to see people’s reactions…like, was that really Elijah Wood?! I knew from the second I saw him walking down the street with Pam that I wouldn’t go up to him to ask for a picture or anything. I was too scared lol. I figured if he came out after the show and wasn’t busy talking to people I would have my chance. I knew it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I couldn’t talk to him, but I sure hoped I would be able to.

After a while a band started playing and I could barely hear them. I was hoping it wasn’t Gogol Bordello because I really wanted to be able to hear them! After that band stopped playing I saw Eugene practically run out of Emo’s down the street. I was like…did they just perform or not?! I figured they hadn’t yet because it looked like he was in a hurry to come back. So anyway I think it was around 1:20 AM when they started performing. They were warming up for a long time before and the first song was ‘Immigrant Punk’. I could hear it really good and got sooo freakin excited! But of course I wanted to be in there to see it all. L After the first song my mom told me to hurry up and come here. There was an open door (I think it was the band entrance) behind the stage where you could see the back of them performing! And Pam was like two feet in front of me haha. Her and Elizabeth were waiting back stage to go back out there. So I saw I got to see it all!!!!! I mean I saw it from the side view, and a lot of times people that were backstage would block the view so I couldn’t see…but it was so awesome! The audience was going crazy. OMG I wanted to be in there so bad! But I didn’t even think I would be able to see them…so I was so freakin excited! They sounded ABSOLUTELY AMAZING….everyone was so into it! Even people walking down the street were like…who is that?! And when I told them it was Gogol Bordello they were like..well they FUCKING ROCK! And a lot of people just stood outside to hear it. J A guy who was a fan but couldn’t get in either was standing there watching all excited too. He said that he’s seen them live 3 times so that’s awesome. I was out there singing with him and people were all trying to look in too. So this is what TOTALLY changed my sister and my mom’s mind. They saw Gogol Bordello on stage, and they thought it was so awesome. They are so entertaining, and just fun to watch! They got all excited too so I was happy LOL. It was so cute because backstage Pam would sing the songs just waiting to go back out there. And sometimes she would be so into it she would just scream back there! A lot of the times she started dancing…she looked HOTT! She’s absolutely GORGEOUS TOO! I loved her and Elizabeth’s outfits! She just looked so happy and was smiling at everyone. I wanted so badly to take a picture of her but I wasn’t going to. So after a while that guy walked off…I didn’t know where he went. During the last few songs they closed the door so we couldn’t see anymore. I was really sad and pissed off about that! But there was a little crack in the wood of the door where I could still kind of see through haha. After the show was over that guy came back out and over to us. I asked him if he got in and he was like, “Yah!” and I was like, “OMG how did you do that?!?!” And he said all he did was just walk in and show his ID and he was allowed in. So that WHOLE FREAKING time I could have been in there…and I NEVER knew. But they did tell us at the beginning that no tickets were being sold so I don’t know what was going on. He told us that he accidentally put his hand on Elijah and Elijah looked at him funny. This guy has a friend named Tony that he’s known for a long time his friends always used to call him Frodo because he looked just like Elijah. Well he thought he saw his friend Tony in there so he put his hand on Elijah and was like, “Heyyyyy man!!!” and Elijah just looked at him weirdly. HAHAHA He said he felt so embarrassed after that that he walked away.

After the show people started piling out. A drunk guy asked some girl a question and, she looked at him and screamed, “FUCK OFF!!!” So that pissed off the drunk guy so much, and he said… “You fuck off…you FAT UGLY FUCKING COW …..UMM….MOOSE!” It was the FUNNIEST freakin thing ever….but it was pretty mean! I think all he did was ask her for a cigarette. Earlier he had asked us. Then he walked up to us and said, “Man why was she so fucking mean to me?! Well…she is ugly….” I was like OMG guy you better be quiet or someone is gonna start a fight.

So the girls that I saw from last year came out and told us that they got to take a picture of Elijah…that he posed for the camera, so that was pretty cool. I saw Pam out there and got soooo freakin excited!!! I wanted to meet her so bad, and I really wanted her to sign my Gogol Bordello CD!!! She was absolutely ADORABLE!!!! She was running around and jumping up and down with her friends. She looked so excited and happy! Some fans went up to her, and she was so excited to talk to them. The way she was with them was sooooooo sweet. She kept walking around and talking with people. Some young girl with her dad (I have seen this girl just about everywhere…at CFTC which is a charity event that *NSYNC is in…Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken concert, SXSW last year, and now…she always brings her dad and video camera with her and tapes celebrities. In my opinion that’s kind of stalkerish…but whatever.) She asked to take a picture of Pam..and Pam was like sure of course and put her two friends in the pic too! It was really cute. I kept hesitating talking to her because I was really scared too (don’t ask me why…I’m weird like that lol). I KNEW I would regret it if I didn’t at least say hi to her. I was standing right there smiling but couldn’t say anything. She kept looking up at me like she knew I wanted to talk to her. She kept smiling at me too…which made me so happy.

So finally when she looked up again and smiled at me I said something. As I started to talk her eyes lit up with excitement. I said, “Hey, I’m a really big fan of yours, can you please sign this?” She SQUEALED at me and said, “Of course I can!!! What’s your name sweetie?” so I said, “Sarah with an ‘h’” so she knew how to spell it correctly. She put my sharpie and CD cover under her arm so she could shake my hand. So then she said, “Hi Sarah, I’m Pamela…it’s soooooo nice to meet you!” and she grabbed….NOT ONE….BUT BOTH of my hands and held them while she was talking to me!! I was so shocked and happy that she did this I’m sure my reaction was hilarious. I couldn’t believe HOW FREAKING sweet she was to me! So then I said, “Oh my gosh I’m so happy to meet you! I’m…I…just…I wanted to meet you so bad. You’re….you’re sooo awesome, oh my gosh sorry!” (I have no idea why I said sorry..I was really nervous/embarrassed HAHAHA). So immediately her mouth dropped open and she started squealing her head off which was absolutely adorable! She started jumping up and down while still holding my hands so I had to jump up and down too!!! So while we were doing that she said, “Awwww thank you so much Sarah!” So then she signed my autograph and handed me back my sharpie and CD. I was so excited at this point I think I was in shock LOL…and I think she could tell haha. So I said, “Thank you so much!!!” and she said, “You’re welcome, and thank you so much…I’ll see you at the next show!” And this is where I become REALLY STUPID. She put both of her hands and arms out to hug me…and I was so excited so instead of hugging her I freakin grabbed one of her hands like A RETARD. I can’t believe I didn’t hug her…I think I was really shocked and I was scared that she might not be trying to hug me…which I’m positive she was. So then she put her other hand on top of my hand that was holding her other hand and squeezed mine! She smiled at me and squinted her eyes and I told her bye and so did she. I walked off and the first thing I said to my sister and mom was…OMG she is ssssooooooooooo sweet!!!! My sister Laura was so excited too! I was like OMG did you see that and she was like yes!!!

When I turned around Elijah was right there and I was like OMG could this get any better?!!?! HAHAHA That girl that was with her dad that I was talking about earlier was talking to Elijah and videotaping him lol. Elijah was really sweet about it. So then I talked with Laura and we were like maybe we should just ask him for a pic and that’s all. I really didn’t want to bother him but really wanted to at least say something to him. So Laura and I walked up to him and Laura said, “Hey Elijah can we take a quick picture with you?” and he smiled and said, “Sure!!!” So Laura was standing by him and I said, “Wait a minute, I’ll get in the picture too so it’ll be quicker and we don’t have to take separate pictures.” Then Elijah looked at me with the most sincere smile and said, “Oh that’s ok!!!” And so I got right next to him and put my arm around his back and I remember him sliding his arm around my back…AHHH! That was an amazing feeling…let me tell ya haha! So I was EXTREMELY nervous at my mom taking our pic because she is horrible at taking pictures…she even admits it. She always cuts people’s heads off in the picture or doesn’t focus it or anything. So we took it, and THE FUCKING FLASH WASN’T ON!!! I was like, “OMG the flash wasn’t on!!!” So I was like “I’m sorry, lemme go turn it on….sorry!” And I ran up to my mom and my mom felt bad and was like “shit!” hahaha And there was no way I was going to explain to her how to turn it on, that’s why I had to go up there and do it. So I ran back, and I remember him sliding his arm around my waist again…AHHH! Such a great feeling hehe. So we took the picture again and I was like, “Thank you so much” and he said, “Oh you’re welcome, no problem!” And he smiled at me and I gave one last look into his eyes that close to him and I knew I had to walk away. So I said bye, and he said bye back to me. Then I walked up to my mom and looked at the picture and was so happy because it came out! The only thing that upsets me is that I look stupid in it. My smile is SOOOO big…it’s too big LOL, so it looks retarded! L I was so happy to be there and be able to meet Elijah again. I really think out of all the pictures I’ve taken in my life I’ve never smiled that BIG in a picture. I don’t even remember smiling like that…I just think I did because I was so freakin happy with everything that had happened! So we were like…I guess we can go now, and I remember turning around and looking at Elijah one more time before we walked off. I wasn’t going to stand around and repeatedly take pictures of him. It was sweet enough of him to take time out to take a picture with my sister and I and that was enough for me. I WAS THE HAPPIEST person ever, and I could go home happy!

After all the crap I had to deal with…you guys don’t know HOW MUCH this meant to me! I mean I even had to cancel my Mardi Gras reservations because my sister Laura ended up not wanting to go last month. And that really upset me after seeing all the pictures that people took there. I would have been happy if I just saw Elijah at SXSW…but talking to him and taking a picture with him was so awesome! I think next year my sister and I are going to save up money and buy the wristbands so we can get into all the shows. I’m glad she likes Gogol Bordello now…YAY!

Pam is one of the sweetest people I have EVER met in my entire life! I don’t give a FUCK if people don’t want to agree with me. It just really is pathetic that some people don’t like her just because she is dating Elijah. That’s really sad, and not fair to her. In MY OPINION, it’s not right to not like someone because of that. Give the girl a freakin chance! And don’t believe all the bad crap that you read about on the internet. Some of it could possibly true, but I’m pretty sure that the majority of it are lies told by jealous people. That’s plain out jealousy. I think fans of Elijah should be happy for him. If you haven’t realized yet…Elijah is so happy when he’s around her, and if you love Elijah so much, why wouldn’t you be happy for him? I haven’t seen many people that glow when around their significant other. You can tell he truly loves her, and that is awesome. I love Elijah for loving her! 

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04 January 2006 @ 12:08 am

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